Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chemung River. Elmira Southside

As promised, a view of the Chemung River from the south levees and dikes. After three years, we are finally done mapping the river through pictures. Just in Elmira, of course. These are all places where a dog is certainly welcome and easily managed. I must confess, I am in love with this waterway.We are directly across from Foster Island and the Water Board. This is Southside. Sometimes we see people walk their pets over here, and we wanted to take a look.Peaceful. Canoeists can always find solitude on the Chemung. I wish I had a canoe, myself.We can see this rickety warf from the North side of the River, nearly every day. It's not safe.

This little guy doesn't under- stand that we are intruders. Ellie will murder any small mammal she can catch. As an earth dog, she willingly goes into any burrow that will take her girth.Let's walk along the dike that protects Elmira Southside. The paths are freshly mown and inviting. This is an excellent place to walk one's HuggaMutt. There is no need for a leash, but take one anyway. This city enforces a Leash Law not only for dogs, but also for cats!Someone wants to present our walk in the best light possible. This view of the City of Elmira is postcard perfect.The water is mirror smooth and almost clear looking. The water is deep here and the city is beautiful in the sunlight.Finally I spot a lone angler. He is wearing waders and is standing in the pool just under the dam. We move in for a better look.I was wrong. The fisherman is not alone. There are actually many fishermen along this portion of the Chemung. On other days, Ellie will be surprised to find people quietly sitting and fishing from the levees and dikes.It is heartening to see the young people casting over the water and mist. It is such a healthy thing for everyone concerned. This is not your usual urban experience.I can hardly describe the sounds and feeling. I see this spillover everyday as I pass over the Main Street Bridge, but this is so very close. We are surrounded by the sound of the water. Even though the Chemung is quite low, the scent of the River is fresh and invigorating.

The trip back will be a very long one for me. I am already lame and the fatigue made it take forever. But the trip is attractive and I looked forward to our next visit.

All these pictures can be viewed much larger by clicking on them. They were chosen for detail.

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