Saturday, April 14, 2007

Crisp Spring Morning Finds Ellie on Foster Island

This is one of our favorite spots. We are standing on Foster Island, looking out over the flood plain. The Chemung River is to our left, just barely visible between the trunks in the upper left. We own the place this morning, and Ellie disappears out of sight until I use the whistle.

Ellie sniffing the Spring air. Foster Island in front of the Watergate. We are alone, at 9:00 AM, Saturday, April 14, 2007. There is a severe weather alert for the entire Northeastern US, but we have chosen to enjoy the cool, fresh morning, rather than shop for supplies. I suspect Husband RJ will do that while we are out.

The HuggaMuck!

The first kayak we've seen this year. I know he can't go much further downstream, because the water is low and the dams will stop him. He landed at the Access Site.

It didn't seem like such a difficult winter, but these chews are everywhere on Foster Island. New chews everywhere. The totally frozen river must have created a lot of hardship for the wildlife.

This is a wonderful tangle of a thicket! I love this stuff, because when the greenery comes in, the watergate in the background will be invisible. Also, when we approach we will flush out the ducks and herons and frogs. Every walk will be as if we were miles from the city. But the greenery is well into the future, and snow is on the way this weekend.

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