Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Misty September Morning on the Chemung

The cold mornings have been raising a huge amount of fog over the valley, so we went down to the river to watch it rise. Huggamutt came along for the hike.She especially like the opening from Hoffman Creek outflow. The water here is clear and shallow. Some days we can cross the rocks over to the other side, without climbing the levee. This was not one of those days.
The mists kept us pleasantly out of sight and allowed closeups of the waterfowl, who apparently couldn't see the Mutt for all the fog.
The little fellow below refused to move more than a few feet at our approach, but he still managed to stay fairly hidden from view. But not from the dog's nose; Ellie finally flushed him out from the mouth of a drainer creek.
These fat fellows simply kept their distance, clucking and honking warily.
Below is a sunlit view through the woods of Foster Island.
This sweet, idyllic scene is one of the HuggaMutt's favorite haunts. Water Board in the background.
The other end of the same area, looking towards the river.
One misty morning. One lazy hour. Two tired hikers and a camera full of shots to cull. If anyone else tells me there is no place to run the dog, or no place pretty inside the City limits, I think I'll whap 'em one upside the head.

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I like the one of the geese in the misty river. We don't see mist much in the arid land of Scottsdale.