Sunday, December 16, 2007

The end of safe hiking, 2007

We caught the late afternoon sun on the southside levee. It is still way too cold for me, and I am glad I'm wearing a had and gloves. Glad, too, that I forced the HuggaMutt to wear a sweater. The warm sun is counteracted by a stiff breeze. Still, all is not bleak, even for early December.
Hunting is what it is all about with Ellie. She knows darned well that there are critters in those rocks...

Generally, I prefer to remain silent when hiking with Ellie. She is usually silent, and so am I. Besides, I think the sound captured here says it all. Great white noise for downtown!To me, the river smells fresh and clean, but dogs rely so much on their hearing and sense of smell. Perhaps the whole experience is a mishmash of sound and odor to her. Having her with me really enhances it all, especially while we are alone.
My VeggiGirl calls the HuggaMutt EllieButt, and here you can see why. There is no danger. Ellie is very very, wary of the cold water. And we are quite high on the bank. If she fell from here, it would be some cold fishing, but she would easily make shore below.

But the hiking path is not safe in the winter, not for an inquisitive doxie. This will be our last visit until after the next thaw. Two good snowstorms and sleet will render this part of the Chemung unvisitable in just a few day.

Time for the holidays, anyway.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

Oh, all that water!!! Here, we are lucky if Granite Creek (a nice one, at that) runs year round. What a fine companion you have for walks...

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