Tuesday, January 30, 2007

HuggaMutt hunts!

What is this, she seems to ask? And you may very well ask. The Mutt is part dachs-hund and part Jack Russell terrier, so there's rather small, floppy ears and the tail points up, rather than the usual doxie's down.
The sweater and skirt are due to the frigid temps. At just about 12 degrees Fahrenheit, or 8-9 Celsius, it is very cold for a small dog tramping through the snow. I take no chances. If it were colder, or if there were a significant wind-chill, she would be wearing her scarf, too.
Incidentally, she hates the clothes, and thinks she looks ridiculous! Gramma has to know for certain that the little one is warm. So let's go hunting.

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