Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Pond Slayer

I shot this from all different angles, some of which give a very good view of the complexity of this windfall.

This particular view, however, is perfect for showing the Pond Slayer. I took many photos, and trashed most of them. While I was reviewing them, because they look cool, I remembered a program I saw at Educational Images Ltd.

I worked there for thirteen years, during which time I absorbed a lot of biology and earth science.

So. I'm looking at the photos of the windfall, when it dawns on me that I was looking at the likely death of Foster Pond. If the Water Board doesn't interfere, the windfall will decompose and clog the inlet. Remember that the "pond" here is really a boggy branch of the Chemung River that surrounds Foster Island.

The clogged inlet will fill in with detritus from the island, the levee and the various litterbugs that inhabit the area, both human and otherwise. And the pond will eventually be no more.

Wonder if I'll live to see it?

Little Pond

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