Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Overgrown 4th

We thought we would trim our overgrown yard, including the chestnut tree, but the raininess laughs at us.

Plan B: The RiverDog and I went to the ramp behind Town Hall (Pirrozollo Park) in West Elmira.

It's Independence Day, middle morning, and, except for the tennis courts, it's deserted. We grabbed the opportunity to walk the westward trails.

It's a secret: The children know that the trails will take a walker or biker all the way out to the Point (0f rte. 352), near Fitch's Bridge. That would be all the way to Golden Glow. Before I was sick, the girls and I hiked all the way out to the Convenient by way of the trails.

The Chemung is very low right now, even though there has seemingly been plenty of rain. The trails are very overgrown. Ellie and I followed the trails right down to the river, then walked the riverbed right up to the ruined railroad bridge. We dug back into the knotweed, watching for the foot paths, some of which could simply be deer paths.

But the deer and the kids always know where the best woodsy walking is.

Happy Fourth of July.

Little Pond

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