Thursday, July 19, 2007


Has come and gone. It was the largest ever, and promises more and more each year.

The local interest has increased, if only through the festivities. This year they were able to sign on quite a number of volunteers for the local cleanup.
I avoid the cleanups because they are scheduled during my daily nap. Thus I've become a morning person against my will. I sleep even more on the weekends, probably to recover from the workweek. The price I pay to stay socially active despite the MS.

Coworker and buddy Roger Neumann wrote the article for the RiverFest this year.

And a very good article it is, too.

The photo gallery is the best ever, too. Good buddy Jason Whong is responsible for those pretties.

But, wait! The local interest has indeed increased. Email acquaintance Sam Draper, has a lovely site for Historic West Elmira, and it has expanded to include all of the city and environs.

Scroll down a little for the RiverFest photos.

But there's even more! We couldn't have a RiverFest post without linking to the River Muse, who has a lovely piece.

There's a lot more about some of my recent concerns about the river, but the dry season has left me with a ton of photos for sifting and processing. More later.

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