Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wild About Harry

Saturday morning, July 7, 2007, about 8:30, and we sought a little solitude on the banks of the Chemung. Except for the crows. The strand was very noisy with the constant calling, so I had hoped to see the ravens and vultures that usually accompany them. I stayed on the beaten paths and roadways behind the Water Board.We actually stayed mostly on Foster "Island" this morning. The geese were watching us from the other side of Hoffman Creek, just north of the boat launch.

I was musing over the shallowness of the Chemung. Pretty soon there will be the crayfish harvesters, although I will need to rise earlierto catch them.

Notice the reflection of the opposite bank on the surface of the river. Here it looks like a problem with my camera lens. At this very point the bird saw me and began to turn. Then he seemed to change his mind, and continued to fish.

The carp were roiling the water, making lots of noise.

People are the same everywhere. The local heron is always called Harry. I've seen them in pairs, so they can't all be Harry.

Today Harry let me photograph him.

Little Pond

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